Anthroposeries 1.0 is the genesis LDMK collection stored on the Ethereum blockchain.The NFT collection of 99 unique 1/1 artworks and event tickets will be released in May 2022 through 3 airdrops of 33 NFTs each.

The DROPS - MAY 2022

Airdrop I - 2nd of MAY - Completed ☆
33 unique 1/1 NFTs
The NFTs in the first drop consisit of 30 long duration GIFs and 3 videos.
Airdrop II - 9th of May - Completed ☆
33 unique 1/1 NFTs
The NFTs in the second drop consist of 15 images, 12 short duration GIFs and 6 videos.
Airdrop III - 16th of May - Completed ☆
33 unique 1/1 NFTs
The NFTs in the third drop consist of 15 images, 6 short duration GIFs and 12 artwork tickets.
The NFT artwork tickets from the third drop grant access to the Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event.
(see bellow for more details)

Individual dates TBA separately through our site, Twitter and Discord.


The original idea of Anthroposeries 1.0 was initiated in 2018 with an invitation to different creatives to participate in a movie project. The gathering took place in London and lasted for 3 days.We constructed loose scene set ups involving situations where everyone participated bringing a personal touch. Dining together (and having fun along the way 🥳💃🕺) was integral part of the experience. Cameras were rolling only during the scene set ups. No one was required to act neither be anything else than themselves throughout the entire duration of the project.We’ve been working on and off on the footage since 2018 and the project went through different stages.
Our excitement about NFTs ( oh yeaH 👨🏻💻) gretly influenced the initial movie project and transformed it into the present form.
And here we are today… out at the open sea.What started as a project with a group of friends and collaborators evolves into a project with a larger community.


Anthroposeries is imagined as an edition of different chapters with different participants actively contributing to each project.
The name refers to the Greek ánthrōpos (ἄνθρωπος) meaning “human being”.
Human gestures, expression and surroundings are central to the Anthroposeries project.
We spent much time discussing whether our first NFT collection should be a generative project or we should step into the NFTverse with a different approach. Both seemed interesting in their own right but what made us go for the current project of 99 one-off NFT’s are the following reasons:The project resulting in Anthroposeries 1.0 was initiated in 2018 and had maturity of idea and development. We are not forcing ideas for the sake of creating something new, but bring an idea and project to a completion, albeit adapted to a different medium.Extending Anthroposeries 1.0 into the Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event seems more sustainable and easier to organise with a smaller group of participants.Lastly, we found that the present set up most honestly and authentically reflects our current aesthetics, values and vision.


The destination for hosting Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering will be sunny Cyprus - details TBA.
The 3 days gathering will include accommodation, food and drinks
(cook and mixologist on the spot), experience and catering to all participant’s souls.
Your presence and contribution to Anthroposeries 2.0 are highly anticipated and appreciated.
After the gathering in London, one of the participants wrote to us:
“Really surreal… it was like a beautiful lucid dream.”

The second gathering event in 2023 will result in Anthroposeries 2.0 NFT collection.
The third drop of 12 NFT artwork tickets are an invitation for the Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event and your participation in it.
The tickets include 3 day stay in a curated setting where we will meet and create the footage for the Anthroposeries 2.0 NFT project.
The collectible NFT tickets are an invitation for you to participate and contribute to a future NFT character (thus living a permanent personal mark on the blockchain 😱). The experience is enriched with a lasting digital asset, making you a holder of the first edition of a collectible LDMK artwork ticket.


LDMK is umbrella name for 2 creatives bringing together different backgrounds and interests into one joint vision.
Our interests vary from visual arts and comics to astrology and feng-shui.
We like the digital world and appreciate that behind every screen there is a human being.
Through our collaborative projects we aim to bridge and connect the virtual and physical worlds.
We appreciate the good things in life and love connecting pleasure and work.
For that reason our IRL projects combine curated settings and excellent dining.
All our interest will feature in our upcoming projects in different forms.
We are eager to build a community of likeminded people that share some of our interests …
and inspire new ones 😎.

LDMK's journey into NFTs

We first got into crypto and expanded into the fascinating world of NFTs which feels like a natural extension of our creativity.
We love the fact that the NFT world disrupts many modes and barriers of the established world.
The opportunity for creatives to share and build new worlds with likeminded people is very inspiring.
We resonate to the community aspect of the NFT world and are eager to learn, exchange and contribute.

The variety of expressions in the NFT world is vast. We choose human beings to be the inspiration for the fictional characters of our first NFT collection.


The NFT artworks are created with different mediums involving multiple processes.
The initial footage was filmed with Canon cameras. The HD footage was then re-captured several times with a damaged iPhone camera 🤭.
We like this self invented process of ‘tiring the footage’ and undoing it from its original definition. The fading of data in some instances creates new abstract layers and we like to see them as a 'memory of the original'.The final phase in our creative process during this project was the harvesting of images from the processed videos and compiling them into several files.
The files were then ‘glitched' and pasted together or in some instances left in their original state.
Pasting multiple files into one allowed us to obtain ‘long duration’ artworks.


PHASE ONE | First DROP of Anthroposeries 1.0
Minting of the first 33 NFTs | May 2nd - Completed ☆
Give-away of 1 NFT
PHASE TWO | Second DROP of Anthroposeries 1.0
Minting of the second drop of 33 NFTs | May 9th - Completed ☆
Give-away of 1 NFT
PHASE THREE | Third DROP of Anthroposeries 1.0
Minting of the 33 NFT artworks and artwork tickets | May 16th - Completed ☆
Give-away of 1 NFT - Follow us on Twitter for more info
Details TBA
PHASE FIVE | Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering
The owners of the Anthroposeries 1.0 ticket artworks are invited to participate in the Anthroposeries 2.0 gathering event.
2023 - Details TBA
PHASE SIX | Anthroposeries 2.0 NFT COLLECTION RELEASE. Details TBA


We love cats and dogs (and animals of any sort for that matter) and we take care of many stray cats in the neighbourhood.
Cyprus has so many stray cats (currently exceeding the human population of the island) and we feel that they should be taken care of
in a more organised way.
To start with a contribution and initiate action in this direction after reaching 100% sales, 10% of the funds generated from Anthroposeries 1.0 will be donated to a local organisation helping cats.We are committed to contributing further in this direction and aim to create a Foundation for protection of cats
(in memory of our beloved cat Moanita).
Announcements and further information concerning the above initiatives will be shared with the community through our site and Twitter.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for Anthroposeries 1.0

... also known under the working title:
“These are still our thoughts, enriched, returning from the infinite towards you…”
LDMK express gratitude and thank the following:
Miss A.
Mr. A.
Mr. B.
Miss. E.
the young Miss. J.
Miss. K.
Mr. M.
Mr. R.
Miss T.K.
Mr. V.
It would not have been possible achieving this project without you. Your unique presence made the whole richer in expression and colour. No matter how long you were part of the journey, be assured that you made a difference for the group and the project and we highly appreciate it. We have fond memories of the experience and we are glad that many encounters turned into new friendships.
Be blessed and continue building bridges towards others.
Mind that at the other side there is someone else, an extension of ourselves, a reflection of who we are.
It is outside of ourselves where love comes into life and it is there where it exists.Thank you,LD & MK

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